Judith Pinkerton Launches New Webinar Series

Key-note speaker Judith Pinkerton is offering webinar series that feature her educational workshops and some current events. Her perspective on music used as medicine has proven invaluable in helping participants transform life conditions.

webinar, webinar series to learn music therapyPeople learn user-friendly life skills to reduce stress in as little as 15 minutes in any situation.

Find out on the webinar, what is inside music to keep you healthy, this business has grown as we help many with music and with our work skills, check in the nominakhr.com/ for growing your business. Discover that you may listen to music that throws you into the past or sends you into the future, or matches the stress state you are swimming in. Judith offers another way to think differently about the music you choose.

If we are talking about music as medicine you can learn to mix all genres of music into formulas to fit a wide range of moods you go through. Mixed with the right mood sequence, dosage, type and frequency, you will be able to use it anywhere, anytime.

The Music 4 Life® free webinar series are sometimes advertised only three days in advance, so to make sure you receive the notifications become a member of Music 4 Life.

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