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music to supportThe Music 4 Life® Radio show on October 13, 2015 transforms your B.S. – Belief Systems™.  We explore together October’s theme of Courage to Allow during national Breast Cancer Awareness month, and today’s focus on Music to Support loved ones who are challenged with a life-threatening illness.

Our special guest is Andrew Mahalik, a University of Nevada Las Vegas undergraduate student in Communication Studies. Andrew and I will explore together what music works to support the courage required to walk with a loved one through life and then transition to a different residence in heaven.  This Radio show is dedicated to Andrew’s mother Betty Mahalik, who died one year ago on October 10. Betty was a Music4Lifer who sought new experiences attending a Sacred Rhythms Drum Circle, and then processing through a customized Music Medicine CD, to further connect with her journey through breast cancer.

Listen to the show for our music discussions about Andrew’s favorite songs below to support the courage required to support a loved one.

Aloha Ke Akua by Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People

Stand by Me by John Lennon

Morning has Broken by Cat Stevens

Plug in to yourself differently with music at the core, feeling the connection within your central nervous system. When you push play on music, find out how the music is really playing you.

If you find it difficult to support the courage necessary to support a loved one, it could be your listening habits need to be explored to identify what will diffuse emotional tension blocking courage. Listen to Judith’s TEDx Talk “Music Powers Potential” to get started. Then take the self-assessment at to understand your emotional shape and learn which music medicine cds might help dissolve emotional tension.

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