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Keynotes, Institutes and Workshops

Residing in Las Vegas, Judith is the leading expert on music therapy stress management programs, demonstrating music from all genres, performing on violin upon request. Customized to meet audience profiles, Music 4 Life® presentations are always interactive and inspirational.

Corporate executives learn how the rhythm of their daily activities (deadlines, staff concerns, focus, time management) provides a template to infuse Music 4 Life® principles for increasing one’s capacity to handle more stress, control moods by liberating them,  increase productivity, focus, and decrease stress, anxiety, and frustrations.

Through wellness and prevention objectives, audiences identify music’s internal effects on their well-being.  People’s health stories are related to music listening habits which effect mental fitness and emotional mastery.  Music 4 Life® training programs build empathy and awareness to increase community well-being.

Judith Pinkerton presents community drum circles and Music 4 Life® Music Medicine to heal audiences with significant stress reduction. For groups of 5 to 200, drums and rhythm instruments are provided for interactive experiences in the drum circle. If you have a business in the wellness or music industry, be trained to partner with Music 4 Life® through specialized training adding Music Medicine and other benefits for clients and customers.

Presentation examples

“Music 4 Life® Institute” – Great Lakes Music Therapy Conference

“Using the Power of Music to Break Addiction” – Nevada State Conference on Problem Gambling

“Music 4 Life” – National Association for Social Workers, Nevada Chapter

“Music Therapy & Music Medicine: Applications to Enhance Well-being” – American Holistic Nurses Association

“Music: an Instrument for Change” – International Women’s Forum

“USE Music for End of Life Care” – National Association for Hospice

“Integrate Entrainment into Mind-Body Applications” – Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

“Lite Meditation and Drumming” – National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

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Continuing Education

“Music as Medicine Boot Camp™”

This two-hour accredited workshop educates adults about music’s profound effect on life. This workshop is downloaded with a 2-hour audio and 32pp workbook, accredited by Nevada boards for nurses, alcohol/drug counselors, occupational therapists, licensed professional counselors, and marriage/family therapists.

At the Specialist level, this workshop includes 1 hour custom training with Judith to implement the MAPP MEE™ Self-Assessment for clinical applications in medical, case management, support services, substance abuse, PTSD, oncology, workplace stress, mental health (anxiety / depression / grief), youth, families, and hospice.

Coaching Programs

Because stress is constant, it is crucial to relieve it daily to avoid more serious conditions that could erupt into violent outbursts that are self-injurious and injurious to others.

If you find that Music 4 Life’s products and workshops are not enough to create balance in your life, schedule coaching with Judith, either in Las Vegas or long-distance via Skype. Visit Music 4 Life to learn more about help for individuals in private sessions. Customized home and work programs are created. Visit Music 4 Life to learn more.

Contact Judith at (702) 889-2881 or for more information.

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Integrate Entrainment
into Mind-Body Applications
of Music to Heal Trauma

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