Time with Judith

Access Judith Pinkerton six ways. She believes in giving back to her community of Las Vegans who live in a city known for stress, unemployment and foreclosures, and provides local resident programs at budget conscious prices.

1. Attend the Music 4 Life® Healing Retreat. Music therapy embraces drumming, meditation, chanting, art, movement and music medicine infused with spiritual psychology to refresh, renew and re-energize along a four-hour healing journey. Featuring Judith and her staff of transformational world-class percussionists and drum circle facilitators. Check the calendar for current programs.

2. Attend her Music Medicine Boot Camp, available as a download to complete on your own time.  Find out how to transform your life and conditions as you apply self-responsible health choices, making music work like medicine from all genres. Become a Music 4 Life® member to receive timely email notices about current programs.

3. Attend the next Sacred Rhythms to experience emotional cleansing using drumming and meditating that honors connections with loved ones.  Check the calendar for the next meeting date and time. Judith merges music therapy with Music 4 Life® and drumming protocols to transform mental and mood states in one hour.

4. Schedule a Music 4 Life® Self-Assessment via Skype, telephone or in-office (which includes a session on the Vibro-acoustic SMART Lounge aka music bed).  Find out what moods are keeping you trapped in stressful life conditions and how to create your Music Medicine Library to regulate moods for greater peace, well-being and happiness. Is your music fulfilling all three parts required for the most effective music medicine? Email judith@music4life.us to schedule your self-assessment.

5. Share Music 4 Life® with others by scheduling a customized conference program, employee training, public forum, webinar or staff in-service. Support mental fitness and emotional mastery. Request here a customized program with Judith.

6. Network with Music 4 Life® members who think differently  – receive regular local news from Judith and Music 4 Life, Inc. Join Judith’s Meetup.com group.

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For more information, contact Music 4 Life at (702) 889-2881 or email judith@music4life.us.

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