EQ: Do I Have It?

Judith Pinkerton | 09/10/2019

“When it comes to success in business, EQ eats IQ for breakfast” reports Forbes magazine. The “Big Bang Theory” television show is a great example of this constant battle experienced between Sheldon Cooper and his friends. What’s so special about…..

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The Life of Zadkiel

Judith Pinkerton | 08/30/2019

William Gilkes birthed me in England (b. 1867). Then I changed families many times before I was discovered in Seattle, WA USA where I lived with the violin shop’s wife. Fast forward to 1981 when I moved to Alaska to…..

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Music Medicine Pills

Judith Pinkerton | 08/29/2019

Imagine your child consuming a Music 4 Life® Music Medicine Pill™ that dissolves anger or anxiety in as little as ten minutes!  Wouldn’t family be easier to manage no matter what the activity is?   When your child  focuses on…..

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REMO Artist at AMTA18

Judith Pinkerton | 11/10/2018

Congratulations to Judith Pinkerton as the AMTA 2018 Music Therapy Conference REMO Artist in Dallas, Texas at the Hyatt Regency from November 14-18, 2018! As Founder and CEO of Music 4 Life®, Inc. Judith has enjoyed a wonderful partnership with…..

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The Morning After …

Judith Pinkerton | 04/14/2018

UPLEVEL: What do Aflac, Academy of Country Music Lifting Lives, Dick Clark Productions, Billboard Magazine, James, Marlee and Giggles have in common? ME!!! I woke up at 3:30am with words spilling out of me, wanting to know more, connect more,…..

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Music for Mental Fitness: Mood Control

Author | 12/13/2017

Judith Pinkerton’s article Music for Mental Fitness was recently published on,  where she is a regular contributor talking about music therapy. The following is an excerpt of that article… Music for Mental Fitness: Mood Control How does music control…..

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