International Women’s Forum VIP Speaker

women, women forum, women conferenceThe International Women’s Forum provides innovative and unparalleled leadership and executive development programs worldwide to advance opportunities for women in leadership, while creating a profound, positive and sustainable change in the lives of women leaders.

Judith Pinkerton was selected by the International Women’s Forum 2013 as a VIP Speaker focusing on “Music: an Instrument for Change.” She joined other prolific experts presenting cutting-edge information at this annual global conference with an all-expense paid trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica on May 31, 2013.

The IWF conducts World Leadership conferences each year that draw women from more than 50 countries who are the world’s leading architects, advocates, catalysts, and pioneers of change – the women who are re-drawing the map for how we’ll live, work, produce, and maintain healthy communities in the coming years. As our global economies restructure and reshape business, politics, environments, access and opportunity, IWF’s cutting–edge conferences harness those must-have conversations in order to educate, inform and inspire our women leaders and our partners to be out ahead of the change that is needed.

Judith received astounding feedback on her presentation, including a testimonial from the IWF President, Deedee Corradini. Here’s what she had to say:

“The feedback for your session, Music & Your Health, has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are grateful for your considerable contribution to it. The insights you and your fellow panelists shared created an interesting and informative dialogue about the benefits of music, and how creative leaders are connecting people to music in more innovative ways than ever before. Your discussion could have continued for the whole afternoon, and I know a few of the participants wish it had! It was our distinct pleasure to have you with us, and we thank you for helping to shape the discussion and to inform the world’s women leaders.”
—  Hon. Deedee Corradini
IWF President, 2011-2013

What an honor it was for Judith to be among some of the world’s greatest Women leaders. If you would like to have Judith speak at your event you can contact her here.

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