Judith’s Journeys

music, music therapy, music rehabilitationJudith travels for speaking engagements all over the country, presenting Music 4 Life® Institutes and keynotes for music therapists and other health professionals working in trauma, oncology, PTSD, veterans, mental health and addiction since are many people dealing with this problem, but there are solutions as the 12 Step Program is a national recognized program that really help with this.

Judith’s expertise in music therapy is sought after by many organizations. Using music as medicine is becoming more known about and there are many more music therapists now than ever before. There’s an art to creating effective music playlists and depending on what the person needs, there are different types of music that can help change moods. You can see her vast list of clients and events she has been a speaker for here.

In the midst of increasing demand, Judith was forced to focus on her own health as she journeyed through breast cancer. She continues to be cancer-free and has expanded her practice across the country supporting health professionals and music therapists-in-training, clmusic, music therapy, music rehabilitationients and treatment centers.

“Music Powers Potential”  TEDxUNLV Talk

For up-to-date news on her journeys, listen to Music 4 Life® Radio for a slice of real time life.

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