Music for Trauma

music for traumaThe Music 4 Life® Radio show on July 15, 2015 explores how mental fitness is challenged when trauma has been experienced. We explore how to dissolve trauma with Music 4 Life® Music Medicine.  Our special guest is Kassandra Uehling who talks openly about her journey through many rehabilitations, resulting in finally being freed from the emotionally negative effects of trauma that started her roller coaster addictions. The treatment that freed her from the effects of the trauma? Music 4 Life’s Music Medicine protocol. Listen to her story that leads up to Judith playing violin at her wedding this month.

Listen to the show for our music discussions about these songs that dissolved her emotional triggers that imprisoned her in active addiction.

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Without You by Breaking Benjamin

Retreat to Calm (Yoga) by Ron Allen

Into the West by Annie Lennox

Imagine by John Lennon

Music 4 Life® Radio is produced by Judith Pinkerton, meant to power your potential and build mental fitness with music to mediate the life of your senses with the life of your Spirit. What does that mean? Plug in to yourself differently with music at the core. When you push play on music you find out how the music is really playing you, messing with [powerfully influencing] your mental fitness, your physical senses and your Spirit.

Licensed music therapist Judith Pinkerton takes you on a journey during July’s national Freedom month, exploring music’s capability of mitigating anxiety, trauma, anger, depression and grief, interviewing people across the country.

Today’s music choices are explored to understand how we use music to stay positively engaged in the game when trauma hits. Find our music recommendations and Judith’s commentary at Music4LifeBLOG.

If you find it difficult to feel balanced after listening to this music, it could be any trauma you’ve experienced is creating emotional tension this music does not dissolve. A customized Music Medicine CD is recommended.

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