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Licensed Board-Certified Music Therapist, Keynote Speaker, TEDx Speaker, Author, Radio Host  

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Music Powers Potential: Good, Bad and Ugly

Author | 09/14/2017

Judith Pinkerton’s article Music Powers Potential was recently published on Recovery.org,  where she will be a regular contributor talking about music therapy. The following is an excerpt of that article…  Music Powers Potential: Good, Bad and Ugly How does music…..

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Music for Trauma

Author | 09/09/2017

The Music 4 Life® Radio show on July 15, 2015 explores how mental fitness is challenged when trauma has been experienced. We explore how to dissolve trauma with Music 4 Life® Music Medicine.  Our special guest is Kassandra Uehling who talks openly…..

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Music to Support

Author | 09/09/2017

The Music 4 Life® Radio show on October 13, 2015 transforms your B.S. – Belief Systems™.  We explore together October’s theme of Courage to Allow during national Breast Cancer Awareness month, and today’s focus on Music to Support loved ones who are…..

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Music for the Danger Zone

Author | 09/05/2017

As we think of our life being one large canvas upon which we splatter or carefully construct experiences, I’m sure we may conjure up images of danger, the people involved, and the results.  What would you call the “danger zone?”…..

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Judith’s Journeys

Judith Pinkerton | 03/14/2016

Judith travels for speaking engagements all over the country, presenting Music 4 Life® Institutes and keynotes for music therapists and other health professionals working in trauma, oncology, PTSD, veterans, mental health and addiction since are many people dealing with this…..

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Music 4 Life Goes Downtown Las Vegas

Judith Pinkerton | 10/05/2014

In October, 2014, First Friday Las Vegas is excited to partner with the Music 4 Life® team to bring their state of the art life skills programs to the Downtown Las Vegas community. There will be 3 workshops hosted in…..

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