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TEDxUNLV Speaker Judith Pinkerton

Judith Pinkerton | 05/20/2014

On April 11, 2014 UNLV hosted TEDxUNLV Event. Judith Pinkerton is 1 of 15 speakers at TEDxUNLV. Her TEDx talk is titled: Music Powers Potential: Building Mental Fitness We hope to reach the many people who need this type of therapy. Judith delivered…..

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Creating Healthy Lifestyles: Mental Fitness

Judith Pinkerton | 01/20/2014

FREE event Creating Healthy Lifestyles! Join Judith, Amy Frost and guest speakers to experience Music 4 Life® programs which create healthy lifestyles. Discover ways to be mentally fit! HealthRHYTHMS drum circle Health risk assessment Self-care tools for mental fitness Grief…..

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international women's forum

International Women’s Forum VIP Speaker

Judith Pinkerton | 02/14/2013

The International Women’s Forum provides innovative and unparalleled leadership and executive development programs worldwide to advance opportunities for women in leadership, while creating a profound, positive and sustainable change in the lives of women leaders. Judith Pinkerton was selected by…..

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drum circles

Healing Entertainment!

Judith Pinkerton | 10/22/2012

World-class percussionists join Judith Pinkerton in presenting community healing drum circles and music medicine that help people experience significant stress reduction. The groups are between 5 to 75 people usually and drums and rhythm instruments are provided so everyone can enjoy…..

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Moving onto Solutions Wellness Campus

Judith Pinkerton | 09/10/2012

One of my business advisors asked how long I’ve been using my trademarked company name: Music 4 Life®. The answer: 12 years. Then he asked how long I’ve been known in Las Vegas for promoting and providing music therapy, while…..

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Transforming Trauma

Judith Pinkerton | 05/11/2012

So who is the Archangel of Music? This question reigns in my mind having travelled through trauma the past two days. It wasn’t until after my lead Drum Circle Facilitator Idris Hester shared his current story with me that I…..

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