Transforming Trauma

trauma, healing trauma,So who is the Archangel of Music? This question reigns in my mind having travelled through trauma the past two days.

It wasn’t until after my lead Drum Circle Facilitator Idris Hester shared his current story with me that I decided to come forth with Wednesday’s trauma. Pictures in my mind’s eye reveal frozen panic when I saw my dirty, torn violin case in front of me/my car in the middle of the road.

Fortunately, with God’s invisible cloak, twice, invaluable instruments were protected from harm within four days of each experience. Idris was driving from one location to another via the freeway with prized djembes left on top of his car and never falling to the ground, and my violin/bows surviving without a scratch (still in tune) under my car while driving/reversing/turning ~ 300 feet.

Miracles happen daily. THANK YOU GOD.  The music cannot be stopped.

Rather than purchase another violin case, Zadkiel was returned to the Jaeger case which I had purchased in Switzerland decades ago.  When queried by a family member about my violin’s name, I began reminiscing – then googling – to confirm my memory.  A book that held meaning for me at the time I brought Zadkiel into my life identified this archangel as charged with the responsibility of music. Made sense to me. At the time I had transitioned from retail management back into music, starting a talent agency to perform all the time to re-connect with my spirit. So I upgraded my violin and Zadkiel was born into my life.

But archangels’ responsibilities must get re-organized because every google search now results in labeling a different archangel in charge of music – Uriel? Sandalphon? Lucifer (before he fell out of heaven)?  Sounds like they have cross-training to accommodate for heavy workloads.  God knows they’re probably putting in a lot of overtime right now to save earth in this time of heavy doses of trials and trauma.

So what’s my personal perspective of all this?

Heaven is what we make of each moment. I’m not waiting to die to go there. I create it right now with peace of mind and living in the present moment, inviting God’s eternal presence to act through me with compassion, love, mercy, grace, charity, comfort, joy, forgiveness, transformation and gentleness. Not to say I am totally comfortable all of the time allowing free movement of all these God qualities, but hey – I’m just human having a “be-ing” experience where I am challenged daily with balancing do-ing with be-ing,  JulieHanCoaching will be helping us reach that level.

So, through sharing with a few chosen others and contemplating this week’s journey in music, meditation and prayer, I have stopped beating myself up for the trauma of running over my violin two days ago, and instead embraced the miracle of the day, learned an invaluable life lesson, and moved on to living in the moment fully – without getting stuck in the past!

You too can shift out of trauma when you need to by using all these methods including Music 4 Life’s Music Medicine life skills. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you, too, could fluidly flow through all your emotions with self-regulation that targets optimal productivity, peace and joy? I invite you to join me on a constant path of self-discovery, awareness and empowerment as we journey together through the unfolding events of 2012.

More to be revealed …

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