Moving onto Solutions Wellness Campus

One of my business advisors asked how long I’ve been using my trademarked company name: Music 4 Life®. The answer: 12 years. Then he asked how long I’ve been known in Las Vegas for promoting and providing music therapy. The answer: 23 years.

Often times when people Google then name Music 4 Life®, they will find MANY other people using that name (which is my registered trademark). This is why we have chosen to co-brand Music 4 Life® with my name. Our sign on the building says, Judith Pinkerton’s Music 4 Life® Health Club & Training Center!


We are excited to announce that our Grand Opening on Sept. 12, 2012, Noon-1:30pm. we will be offering complimentary lunch, refreshments, a drum circle, the famous ribbon cutting, tours and more!

Stop by our new location at 2975 South Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146

Our move onto Solutions Wellness Campus gives us a perfect location to expand and offer more classes. Be sure to check out our website for updates on our calendar.


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